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Macs Fall Just Short of Comeback Win

Updated: Jun 20, 2021

After a hard fought game from both teams, Yeshiva University Macs came up short against the Berkeley Knights; 66-55. The advantage of being on home court gave Yeshiva the confidence and driven mentality which they portrayed throughout the game. Despite some rusty turnovers in the first half, the Macs quickly dusted themselves off as they had a great 15 point run in the fourth quarter of the game! The unity that was built around each possession was evident from each player who eagerly jumped onto the court, including the excited teammates on the bench who were cheering for each other, up until the very last buzzer.

How it happened:

  • The Yeshiva University Macs took an early 3 point lead with the help of Jennie Mellman’s swift pump fake shot and nothing but net! The hustle that Jennie and Gabrielle Kupferman brought out from the moment the game started, set the tone for the almost victorious Macs.

  • As the Berkeley Knights were eager to make a comeback they began to pick up their defense aggressively, grabbed opportunities for jump balls and set up a three-two zone in order to create more open shots for themselves.

  • The score was suddenly overtaken by the Knights who held the Macs down to four points up until the end of the first quarter (14-4). Nevertheless, Shai Rahamim zoomed across the floor and started off with a bang as she hit the first deep three pointer for the Macs!

  • At the start of the second quarter, the Macs came on the court with a winning mentality as they began to double team and make strong steals from the Berkeley Knights. Yuval Nitzan and Rebecca Malech assisted the team offensively as they knocked down a few points giving the Macs a 5 point run.

  • As the second quarter was coming to a close, Kayla Motovich went up for an offensive rebound but unfortunately came down grabbing her foot in pain. Renee Benjamini came off the bench to replace her as the Macs were down by 13 points (30-17).

  • Not long before halftime, Daniella Rothman made multiple strong rebounds while creating a great play and going up against tough defense. She put up a smooth mid-range jump shot in order to get the Macs back on track (30-19).

  • From the start of the second half, the YU Macs transformed into a new and improved team. They walked onto the court with confidence and tried to push the pace on offense.

  • A few minutes later, Shai Rahamim knocked down two consecutive three pointers to give the Macs a chance to grab their first win! With 2 minutes left in the game, the Macs were down by 8 points but the Berkeley Knights sealed the game with a few foul shots which earned them their victory.

Hustle and Heart:

The unity and heart that was reflected in the Macs determination to succeed in last night’s game, was inspiring to watch! Despite the turnovers, fatigue, and minor setbacks through the game, they played with heart and hustled through some difficult defensive plays. The Macs are most definitely taking a step in the right direction and are looking new and improved. The Macs surpassed the Berkeley Knights with 57 rebounds as the Knights were held to 46. If the Macs can continue to find their offensive rhythm while maintaining a strong team defense, this Macs team can become a threat to their opponents.

Now that, is a team play!

Hungry to grab their first win of the season, the Yeshiva University Macs came out strong, grabbing rebounds and driving towards the basket. Lindsay Brandwein gave one-hundred and ten percent of herself as she set up her teammates for great shots. She gave a little bit of extra fight in their first home game. Defensively, the Macs stepped it up and as they tried to map a comeback, the Macs transitioned into a two-three zone which resulted in turnovers and defensive stands. Additionally, good passing and sharing the ball offensively led to open looks for the Macs which was critical in their strong 4th quarter.

Clutch 3-pointers:

Wow! What a game for Shai Rahamim who was on fire in the second half of the game. When the game was on the line, with just a few minutes to go, she knocked down a deep 3 pointer bringing the game to single digits. In addition, Yuval Nitzan hit down a long three pointer shot with 4 minutes left to go. Leading scorer, Rebecca Malech, created a nice transition offense all night and was able to keep the Macs in the game by finishing past strong coverage at the basket.

For Berkeley Knights (1-0):

  • Kiania Martinez and Tonielle McFadden led the Knights in last night’s game. Martinez sealed her game with 18 points and 9 assists respectively. While McFadden ended with 16 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists.

  • Janicha Diaz was supreme on her mid-range shot. She ended the game with 15 points, 12 rebounds, and 4 assists; a double double for the third leading scorer.

  • Cierra Highland was a great addition on the court for the Berkeley Knights. The freshman knocked down some clutch points and came down strong with offensive rebounds on most possessions. She ended with 12 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 assists.

  • The Berkeley Knights shot 32.5% overall and 33.8% behind the arc. However, they were at an advantage from their lead in 10 fastbreak points vs 5 for the YU Macs.

For Yeshiva Macs (0-4):

  • The Macs were led by Rebecca Malech and Shai Rahamim. Malech had a double double with 16 points, 12 rebounds, and 2 assists. While Rahamim had 15 points and 5 assists.

  • Jennie Mellman was on a great run throughout the game. She ended with a respectable double-double of 10 points, 14 rebounds and 1 assist.

  • Yuval Nitzan was a little off on the offensive end in last night's game. However, she cleaned it all up in the last quarter as she made up with two clutch 3 pointers.

  • The YU Macs shot 35.4% overall and 43.8% from behind the arc. They were held back by their worst enemy: 35 turnovers.

Coming up next for the Macs:

The Yeshiva University Macs (0-4) will return on Monday, March 8 to battle against the Drew University Rangers (3-4) at the Max Stern Athletic Center. Be sure to tune in to to watch the broadcast, as the Macs will fight for their first win of the season!

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