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Women's Basketball: 2020-2021 Roster Preview

Welcome Back MACS! In anticipation of the first women's home game of the season take a look at the 16 talented players who make up the roster.

Returning Players:

Chana Boltax

Regardless of the obstacles that Chana faces, you can count on her to rise to the occasion. Unfortunately, Chana will be out for the season due to a major injury. Despite this challenge, she continues to persevere and greatly contributes to the excitement of the game as she uses her knowledge of great shooting skills and defense to lead her teammates. Not to mention, Chana was declared captain.

Lindsay Brandwein

If you ever mistakenly thought you saw a “jumping bunny” on the court, you are right! Lindsay’s constant enthusiasm and leadership builds her team’s confidence and puts a smile on everyone’s face. Whether she is screen diving to catch loose balls or cheering on her teammates, Lindsay does everything to help the MACS be successful as captain.

Yuval Nitzan

Coming all the way from Israel, Yuval’s strong competitive mentality allows her to make great plays for the team. As Yuval is currently in her sophomore year, there is no question that she will continue to thrive throughout her years as a MAC. During hard fought games, you can count on Yuval to aggressively fight for every possession, her basketball IQ and ball-handling skills are also exceptional. Being declared captain, Yuval continues to help her teammates shine as she brings out the best in them.

Miriam Kazlow

When Miriam is on the floor, you can’t miss her. She is a great shooter, works hard on every possession and has good knowledge of the game. No matter the time, Miriam will always be willing to help out her teammates and be a vocal leader.

Jennie Mellman

As a competitive player, Jennie can handle the ball exceptionally well for a tall girl (5’10). She has the ability to create good shots for herself by using her height while aggressively driving towards the basket and can rebound the ball well.

Elizabeth Pavel

The willingness Elizabeth brings to every practice, reflects in her game performance. Being diligent about motivating those around her and working hard to become even better is something that Elizabeth takes seriously.

Rebecca Malech

The athletic abilities that Rebecca has, allows her to stretch beyond her abilities. From being a good rebounder on the offensive end, having good speed on the floor, and the ability to create a nice shot for herself Rebecca is an offensive asset. She also contributes on the defensive side of the floor by being a stellar team defender.


Shai Rahimim

Joining the Macs team for her first season, Shai has developed into a strong defensive player. She has developed into a phenomenal player and can truly do it all! From handling the ball to making strong passes and shooting the ball, Shai is improving each day.

Elisheva Miller

Although it's hard to tell Elisheva apart from her twin sister Esther, the spotlight for their skills and hard work is different. Elisheva is always eager to expand her knowledge of basketball and works very hard to succeed.

Esther Miller

Ahh! It's hard to tell them apart. Nevertheless, Esther shines in her own way. She continues to grow in learning a lot about the game of basketball. She is pushing herself to improve and is a great shooter. Her ability to drive towards the basket is a great advantage!

Noa Berkowitz

Always willing to learn more, Noa is a great defensive player as she flys up to block shots and protect the rim. She is beginning to develop a nice shot and is a forward (5’10).

Renee Benjamini

Even though Renee joined the Macs team midyear, her work ethic is amazing. She is a great defensive player, has a very solid pull-up jumpshot, and is developing skills as this is her first year on the team.

Liana Maza

The perception that Liana carries to each practice and game, reflects in her accurate range and shooting skills. She is a great 3 point shooter.

Kayla Motovich

As a natural athlete, Kayla has a nice pull-up jump shot. In addition to working hard in basketball, Kayla is playing Tennis. She has a strong drive towards the basket.

Gabrielle Kupferman

After competing in the USA Maccabi games, Gabrielle is joining the Macs with back-pocket experience. She can handle the ball very well and has a nice shot at the basket. She will be playing as a forward.

Daniella Rothman

Strong perception of the game is only one of Daniella’s great basketball qualities. After competing in the USA Maccabi games, Daniella was the recipient of the Determination Perseverance Award. There is no question as to why she received it. Daniella continues to push herself. Despite experiencing some off season back pain, she is determined to overcome this challenge. Defensively, she is able to block shots and get rebounds. In addition, her excellent basketball IQ helps her teammates. She is a big contributing asset to the team.

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These players are primed to continue their climb in the league, evidenced by their dedication in practice, enthusiasm for learning and following through with execution.


Mar 04, 2021

go msmacs or do u prefer maccabettes. clue me in.

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