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Women’s Basketball: 2021-2022 Roster Preview

With aspirations of becoming Skyline Conference contenders, the Yeshiva University Maccabees have been training tirelessly all summer to ensure a successful run this season. Looking back at the 2020-2021 season, the Women’s team had their schedule shortened due to the pandemic, playing only seven games. Ending their year with a large-margin victory over Sarah Lawrence, the Maccabees are looking to extend their winning ways into the 2021-2022 season.

Already starting off the 2021-2022 season with a victory over Lehman College (64-50), the Maccabees are focused, locked in, and will look to continue their success as they begin Skyline Conference play. In anticipation of the season, take a look at the 12 excellent players who make up this year’s roster.

Renee Benjamini will bring great defensive intensity this season for the Macs (Photo Credits: Joe Bednarsh

New Players:

  • Freda Braha

Bringing championship experience from her high school career, Freda is excited to be part of an NCAA team and is looking forward to winning games. Freda is training hard to be an aggressive forward and post player. With a height of 5”10, there is no question that she will be a great asset to the team’s success.

  • Nina Yurovsky

The hustle that Nina brings to every practice, despite her dual commitment to the Women’s Soccer team, is a small reflection of her dedication to the team. Her love for athletics expands beyond the court and field, when it comes to her teammates she will do whatever is necessary. She pushes herself each practice to get better. Whether it be to play aggressively, sprint down the court, or take a foul - her love for her teammates is always there.

  • Yael Dannenbaum

Joining the Macs for her first season, Yael has shown her commitment and willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed. From her aggression on defense, to practicing on her own time, there is no doubt that she will be a great addition to the roster.


Yuval Nitzan led the Macs last season with 14 points/game (Photo Credits: Joe Bednarsh)

  • Yuval Nitzan

A leader on and off the court, Yuval is a true competitor who pushes herself and others to be their best. While Yuval is currently in her junior year, her aggression, competitive mentality, and play-making has only gotten better. A complete dominator on offense, Yuval is truly a big part of the Maccabees success this season. From fighting for every possession to her talented handling skills, she is also a role model to her teammates. A well-deserved honor of being captain as she helps her teammates shine by giving them the confidence they need to succeed.

  • Renee Benjamini

Aggressively sprinting on both ends of the floor, Renee is always there. She has greatly improved offensively and it is evident that she has worked tirelessly throughout the offseason. At moments when her teammates may feel like giving up, Renee is always there to lift them up and push them through it; well deserved honor of being declared captain.

  • Daniella Rothman

Training all summer long, Daniella has proven that when she works hard and sets a goal for herself, there is nothing standing in her way. With her strong perception of the game and being able to stay aggressive defensively, while rebounding and blocking shots, Daniella has set an example for her fellow teammates while earning a position as captain; well deserved!

Daniella Rothman is prepared to take on a bigger role on this year's team (Photo Credits: Joe Bednarsh)

  • Miriam Kazlow

Rejoining the roster during her graduate program career is truly an honor. When Miriam is on the floor, you can’t miss her. She is a great shooter, works hard on every possession and has good knowledge of the game. No matter the time, Miriam will always be willing to help out her teammates and be a vocal leader.

  • Jennie Mellman

As a strong competitive player and a major contributor during tough skyline games, Jennie can handle the ball exceptionally well and is dedicated to her teammates. Being the playmaker that she is, you can be sure to find Jennie pushing herself to drive through tough defense, post up against challenging players, and make some nice shots from around the arc. When it counts the most you can always be sure to find Jennie hustling through the task, making her a key asset to the Macs success.

  • Rebecca Malech

No matter the outcome of a situation, Rebecca is always motivated and pushes her teammates to put their best foot forward, just as she always does. The athletic abilities that she brings to every practice and game have proven to be consistent. From being an offensive asset to the team and hustling to gain possession of every rebound, Rebecca’s teammates can always count on her to hustle until the last buzzer.

  • Shai Rahimim

Aside from Shai’s clutch three-pointers, her caring leadership is always seen on and off the court. No matter the score or the outcome, Shai is always there to put a smile on her teammates faces and help them improve. From breaking ankles and making shots regularly, Shai has proven that she is capable of great things and she is looking forward to a season of hustling, teamwork, and victories.

  • Noa Berkowitz

Never shying away from an opportunity to learn, Noa has worked hard to improve her game. Being a swift defensive player and understanding the floor, she makes the plays that are necessary. Noa has also developed a nice shot and playing as a 5”10 forward, she is ready to fight for every possession and grab every rebound.

  • Gabrielle Kupferman

A former USA Maccabi competitor, Gabri has been building strength and gaining a more comprehensive understanding of playmaking when necessary. Whether it be handling the ball, building confidence in her teammates, or hustling through a difficult task, Gabri is a true hustler and is looking forward to a successful season for the Macs!

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