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MacsLive Announces President, VPs, and Officers For 2019-20 Season

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

In anticipation for the upcoming year, MacsLive has officially announced who will lead their staff this season.

Returning as President will be David Schwartzman. Schwartzman has a year under his belt as the head of MacsLive, and is ready to implement additional positive changes. As President, Schwartzman is tasked with managing and supervising the leaders of all individual departments, which includes the VPs, CCO, and CFO. Schwartzman is also overseeing the development of a new social media department.

Yehoshua Segal and Jacob Dauer
Segal (left) and Dauer showed of their talent last year; this season, they will train our broadcasters.

There will be three Vice Presidents this year, all of whom will take on a specific role. Yehoshua Segal and Jacob Dauer will both be Head Broadcasters; Segal will work with the play-by-play announcers, while Dauer will be in charge of color commentators. Segal and Dauer were two of the top announcers for MacsLive during the 2018-19 season. They will work together to train our on-air talent, which will lead to better broadcasts throughout the year.

The other Vice President will be the newly appointed Moshe Caplan, who will serve as the Head Producer. The producer is in charge of coordinating the entire broadcast, and is critical to ensuring that our production is top notch. MoCap demonstrated this past year that he is a

Moshe Caplan
MoCap knows what he's doing behind the controls, and is ready to pass on his expertise.

professional at the position, and will now take on the role of teaching the rest of our producers the best methods and practices to creating a first-rate broadcast.

MacsLive is not only focused on improving our current production, but is also concentrating on expanding in any way which we feel will better our organization. With that in mind, we have decided to make numerous changes this year, many of which you can read about here.

Akiva Poppers
Poppers (right) will lead the charge as MacsLive expands its coverage this season.

In that vein, Akiva Poppers will serve in the newly assigned Chief Content Officer position. Poppers will be in charge of running the website, which includes both front-end development and all of the articles on the website. He will be the lead content creator at MacsLive, and will administer all content except for the broadcast of games. Poppers has formed a staff of almost 20 writers, who will be

composing numerous articles to keep you in the know and entertained.

Noam Skidelsky will return as MacsLive’s Chief Financial Officer. Skidelsky will be in charge of all advertising for this season. The CFO position is of great importance, as all money brought in from advertising is used to either improve our broadcast, or to create new opportunities for our staff to bring you a better production.

The excitement is brewing at MacsLive and on the YU campus. “This year, YU Athletics is getting ready for one of the biggest and most successful seasons it has ever had,” Schwartzman said. “With that, MacsLive is geared up to have the most extensive coverage in our 18 year history. We have greatly expanded our coverage, and grown our staff exponentially. We can not wait to bring all of the action to the loyal Macs fans.”

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