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MacsLive to Make Numerous Changes for 2019-2020 Season

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

As the new year arrives, we at MacsLive wanted to let you know about some of the changes for this year.

From the fact that you are reading this article, you can already see one change: the MacsLive website has been completely redesigned. We got a lot of feedback regarding the changes which were made last year, and have adjusted the website accordingly. Here is a list of all of the changes which have been made to MacsLive:

1) The MacsLive Scoreboard

One major change is the addition of a scoreboard to the website. When you go to, you will see a scoreboard on the homepage. There are multiple tabs on the scoreboard, so you can see the scores and upcoming games for all YU sports, as well as certain select sports, such as Men's Basketball.

On both your computer and on your phone, when you go to the individual sports pages for YU teams (also new to this year), you will see the score or result for the most recent games, as well as a couple of upcoming games. There is also a tab on the scoreboard to see the entire schedule for that sport. If applicable, the Skyline Conference standings for that sport will also be tabbed into the scoreboard.

For both Men's Basketball and Red Sarachek Tournament games, we are excited to introduce a live scoreboard. If you want to follow the game but can't watch it, simply click on "Follow Live" (which will be live on all scoreboards an hour before game time). You will be sent to a scoreboard which works on both phones and computers.

2) Increased Coverage for all YU Sports

As mentioned above, the website now has individual pages for each YU sport. This is because, beginning this year, MacsLive will be expanding our coverage to all YU sports. For the first time, you will be able to read articles about sports like Men's Tennis, which has won 6 straight Skyline Conference Championships. These articles will typically not be in preview/recap style; rather, they will give you more of an in-depth look at the team, or even a certain player. Our expanded staff of writers will consistently come out with new articles about the various YU sports for you to enjoy.

In addition to expanding our coverage to all YU sports, we will be increasing our coverage in the sport which MacsLive is so well known for: Men's Basketball. MacsLive has been broadcasting Macs games since 2001; now, we will also bring you articles throughout the season. Some of these articles will be previews and recaps, some will be insights, some will be analytical. During the basketball season, you should expect to see at least one article each week. The most recent articles will be posted on the homepage. All articles will automatically be uploaded to the archives. All articles for an individual sport will be available on that sport's page. This way, you can decide what you want to see.

3) Sports Journalism

MacsLive takes pride in the fact that we are an organization run entirely by students. Over the last few years, it has become apparent that there is a major hole in YU student publications: sports journalism. There is currently no outlet for students to fully express themselves when writing about the major US sports and college sports, including the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, College Football and Basketball. We have formed a talented staff of writers who will take on that task. All of these articles will be posted on the Sports Journalism page.

4) The Sarachek Archives Project

If you enjoy the Red Sarachek tournament, then you want to read this article.

5) A Greater Presence on Social Media

This one is somewhat self explanatory. We plan to be more active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and post all videos on YouTube. To quickly access these outlets, click on their icon, located on the top right on your computer and at the bottom of your phone's screen.

6) More Changes to Come!

In addition to all of the changes listed above, we have numerous projects in the works. All are aimed at improving your experience with MacsLive, be it when watching the broadcast or surfing the website.

Remember, your feedback is always appreciated. We take all feedback into consideration, so if you want us to add any features to the website let us know. You can email us at

For all updates, make sure to consistently check, the official broadcasting network of the YU Maccabees and the Red Sarachek Tournament.

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