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Yeshiva Herded by Farmingdale in Skyline Conference Finals

It was fun while it lasted, but reality set in for the Yeshiva University men's basketball team as they played what would become their last game of the season. As the final buzzer echoed through the Farmingdale State gym and their fans and players began to party, you could feel the disappointment on the other end following the Macs’ 87-68 loss in Sunday’s Skyline Conference finals. Ultimately, Yeshiva (16-12, 11-5 Skyline) was outclassed by a seasoned Rams team (26-2, 15-1 Skyline) team who became the champions once again and showed why this is not their first time doing so.

The Rams have a senior group that has played together since high school and it really showed in this game. They were like a well-oiled machine, executing plays precisely and making it look easy. Meanwhile, the Macs gave it what they had— yet they found themselves unable to keep up with their opponents.

Despite the tough loss, this season was still a win for this young Yeshiva squad. They overcame several injuries and slumps and made it to the Skyline Conference finals, which is no small feat. It’s a step further than last year, which puts them on a positive trajectory for next season, where 95% of this team's scoring production will return with two years of eligibility remaining. As they did last spring after their semifinal loss to Manhattanville, the Macs will take this experience, learn from it, and return stronger and wiser in October. Winning, especially with a young group, isn’t automatic. It’s a process, and Yeshiva is gradually climbing back to the top. Today, they saw what it takes to win a championship game, and when next February rolls around, Yeshiva will be better positioned to cut down the nets.

Yeshiva's season came to an end in the Skyline Conference finals, falling to top-seeded Farmingdale State 87-68 on Sunday. (Photo Credit: Akiva Poppers/MacsLive)

How It Happened: 

  • The Rams targeted Yeshiva's high 2-3 zone by overloading one side, leading to an early 12-5 lead with 13:35 left, prompting a timeout from Yeshiva.

  • Yeshiva responded with a quick 7-0 run, but their missed three-pointers allowed the Rams to regain control. Farmingdale's Nick Hurowitz contributed with a layup and a three-pointer, extending their lead to 23-14.

  • Despite trading baskets, Yeshiva struggled with missed opportunities and one-and-done possessions, while Farmingdale capitalized on their inside game, led by Kentrell Evans.

  • A three-pointer from Max Zakheim narrowed the deficit to 45-37, but Farmingdale's strong inside play pushed their lead back to ten. A turnover from Zakheim led to a buzzer-beater from Michael Notias, giving Farmingdale a 50-37 lead at halftime.

  • Yeshiva started the second half with a 10-2 run fueled by Or Sundjyvsky. They forced turnovers and closed the gap to 52-47.

  • However, Farmingdale responded with an 11-1 run after a Liam Buckley three-pointer, extending their lead to 63-48 with 13;45 left. They took advantage of missed opportunities from Yeshiva and maintained their dominance.

  • Farmingdale’s surge continued, overwhelming Yeshiva until the end. An Aaron Davis three made things 85-63 with 3:14 left, and they maintained their lead until the moment the horn sounded. 

  • A final score of 87-68 cemented Farmingdale as the Skyline Conference champions for the second year in a row, sending them to the NCAA tournament and the Macs home for the offseason. 

Poor Three-Point Shooting: 

Yeshiva shot 6-26 from three-point range, only hitting at a rate of 23.1%. It’s below their regular season average of 36% and their performance in the previous two playoff games, where they shot 42%. Considering the Macs' reliance on three-point shooting, especially against a larger opponent like Farmingdale, their inability to convert from beyond the arc was a major factor in their loss.

Painted In The Paint: 

Yeshiva was dominated down low; as Farmingdale outscored them 56-38 and outrebounded them 46-27, including a defensive rebounding advantage of 37-21. The Macs struggled to contain the Rams interior offense, allowing them to capitalize on second-chance opportunities and control the game inside.

Failure To Grab A Lead: 

Throughout the game, Yeshiva never managed to take the lead. Despite making efforts to close the gap and mount comebacks, they were always playing catch-up. It put them at a disadvantage and ultimately prevented them from turning the game in their favor. 

For Yeshiva:

  • Or Sundjyvsky led the way with 22 points for Yeshiva.

  • Zevi Samet and Max Zakheim finished with 12 points apiece. 

  • Yeshiva outscored Farmingdale State 18-16 in converting turnovers into points.

For Farmingdale State:

  • Corey Powell led the way with 19 points, en route to winning Skyline Conference tournament MVP honors.

  • Nick Hurowitz and Kentrell Evans had 19 points each, with Hurowitz grabbing 14 rebounds. 

  • Aaron Davis added 10 points and hounded the Macs defensively throughout the contest.


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