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The Value of Fall Ball and the 2019 Alumni Game

On September 3rd and 4th, the softball team headed to Fordham University to host their fall tryouts and to start off the fall ball season. According to the NCAA Bylaw, the “First [Date of] Practice or Competition [for softball is] September 7 or the institution's first day of classes for the fall term, whichever is earlier… All practice and competition shall be completed not later than five weekdays before the first day of the institution's final regular fall examination period”. In the fall, the NCAA allows their softball teams to practice for two weeks, and gives one day to play games. Like every YU sport, softball is a big time commitment, with practice every night for two hours. Despite the fact that it is the beginning of the school year, many players made the commitment to come out to practice every night, even though school work has been piling on!

For the returning players, it was great to be back at Bahoshy Field (Macs home field), having not played there in 4 months. In the past two weeks, the team had the opportunity to work on their fielding, hitting, and pitching mechanics. Our coaches came out to work with us on specific techniques that we each wanted to improve on. We focused a lot on basic mechanics and skills that we don’t have time to work on when we are in-season. Fall ball provides an amazing balance of working on our skills while having fun playing softball. Players had a great opportunity to really bond with each other and their coaches.

On Sunday, September 22, the team hosted their annual alumni game against former YU softball players. It was a great day for both softball team members and alumni, who had the opportunity to catch up with their former teammates. The game was not only fun for the alumni who may not have played in a while, but it was enjoyable for the softball team as well. Even one of our coaches got into what turned out to be a fun but competitive game. Special thanks go out to the alumni who came to play against us! Thanks also goes out to Carly Moss and to the head of our Athletics Department Joe Bednarsh for coming out to take pictures and bringing pizza for all to enjoy!! Of course thanks goes out to the incredible softball team coaches Danielle, Jill and Erin for taking the time out of their busy schedules to come and work with us this fall. We can’t wait for February practices and our season to start!!

Miriam Kazlow is from Woodmere, NY, and went to SKA for high school, followed by one and a half years in Sha’alvim for Women. She is a women’s sports writer for MacsLive. Miriam plays on the Stern softball and basketball teams.

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