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TABC wins big behind huge night from Proctor

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

In the final game on opening day of the 2019 Sarachek Tournament, the 12th seeded Beth Tfiloh Warriors went up against the 5th ranked TABC Storm.

TABC dominated the game throughout. Although facing tough, in-your-grill defense, Yoni Mann led the attack to break the press all night. Avi Proctor thrived from all areas of the court, leading the team in scoring, highlighted by an and-1 bucket sure to make every Sarachek highlight until Mashiach’s arrival. TABC’s bench provided the necessary spark to continue carrying the load.

On the other side of half court, Beth Tfiloh struggled to contain TABC’s big men. However, three point specialist Gav Landau and his bright orange kicks weathered the storm, dropping bucket after bucket.

TABC won the Tier I qualifying game by a score of 53-27 and will move on to face DRS in a highly anticipated matchup of the 4th and 5th seeds, while Beth Tfiloh will go on to face MTA in a Tier II qualifier.

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