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Saturday Night Panel Predictions

Standings Update: AS 14-2, YS 14-3, MA 13-4, AP 13-4, OG 12-2

MTA vs Valley Torah

Yosef Silver: After I questioned their mental toughness, MTA impressed in a comeback win vs Cooper. However, this Valley Torah team is a different beast. MTA won’t be able to contend with a Valley Torah team looking to rebound after their first Sarachek loss in almost 5 years. Valley 54-32

Ari Schopf: A great come from behind win for MTA, but they won’t have any answers for Gabriel Rbibo in this matchup against Valley Torah. Valley Torah 56-35.

Marvin Azrak: Valley will enjoy a Saturday night laughter. They’re angry about losing in Tier I and are determined to salvage their trip to New York by going home with a trophy. They take their frustration out on MTA 58-25

Akiva Poppers: Valley Torah is a very good team even without List. Wolfpack win, 68-34.

Oren Glickman: A pat on the back to me for being the only one to get the MTA over Cooper game right! Dare I pick them again vs. the Wolfpack? Ha no chance. Valley Torah put up a valiant effort without List against Beth Tfiloh. Lior will have them ready to go for a demolition of the Lions. Valley Torah 61 MTA 40  

The last two Tier II Champions-including last year's Fuchs, will face off in a Saturday night quarterfinal matchup. (Photo Credit: Annabelle Katz/Macslive)

Fuchs vs Ramaz

YS: Fuchs is coming off of a dominant performance against Ohr Hatorah. I’m nervous to see how Ramaz respond following a close loss to Ida Crown that saw one of their guys exit with a bad injury. We have seen teams struggle to mentally rebound from that combination before (see Katz 2022). That being said, Ramaz will struggle to contain Jacobs and the Mayhem’s high effort play as Fuchs pulls off the upset here. Fuchs 55-46.

AS: Fuchs bounced back after a rough first game loss against Flatbush. The Mayhem will continue their scoring success against the Rams and advance to the Tier II semis. Fuchs 54-41

MA: Last time Ramaz was in Tier II they won it all and if they want to be the best again, they’ll have to beat the reigning champs. Ultimately, I think they do by a final of 56-42.

AP: I think this is the best matchup of the night. I’ll give the edge to Ramaz. They have more weapons than Jacobs & Jacobs & co. Rams win, 52-49.

OG: Fuchs predictably ran up the score on Ohr HaTorah. I’m curious to see how Ramaz approach Tier II after their disappointing loss against Ida Crown. Ramaz may be motivated with there being a possibility of avenging their YL home playoff loss against HAFTR. Give me the Rams. Ramaz 43 Fuchs Mizrachi 30

HA Montreal vs HAFTR

YS: HA Montreal prove that they belong in tier 2 with a win over Kohelet on Friday. However, they will face a much tougher test against a Yeshiva League semi finalist in HAFTR. The Hawks will overwhelm the heat with their strong guard play and a dominant performance from Peter Drucker. HAFTR 52-42.

AS: HA Montreal got the job done with an exciting win against the Kohelet Kings. This run will end for them against HAFTR who pose a much bigger threat defensively than Kohelet.

HAFTR 49-35

MA: The boys from north of the border made a statement with a big upset victory over 18 seeded Kohelet. Yet this is a legit Varsity team these JV kids  are playing and I don’t think they have what it takes to beat one yet. Peter Drukker has a field day as HAFTR wins 57-37

AP: Montreal being the 18 seed was ridiculous. It unfortunately means they play a great HAFTR team here. Drukker is too big. HAFTR 59-47.

OG: I love Montreal. Finally we’ll get to see them play against a Varsity Yeshiva League team. Not sure they’re built though to take on a Levy and Drukker. Hawks bounce back after the devastating Maimo loss. HAFTR 50 Montreal 39 

DRS vs Berman

YS: DRS has proven they belong in this tournament. After a strong performance against Shalhevet, they took care of business against Kushner in a game that was never close. I expect the Wildcats to continue their run against a Cougars team that will struggle to contend with the size and athleticism of DRS. DRS 53-44

AS: Berman. Hopefully.

MA: DRS let that game against Shalhevet slip away, then took their frustration out on the Kushner. These boys are motivated to make another run at Tier II. Berman won’t see the backdoor plays coming. DRS 49 Berman 40

AP: Berman will struggle with the DRS zone and the Wildcats will burn the Cougars with their cutting action. DRS over Berman for a second straight Sarachek, this time 47-42.

OG: A part of me still thinks DRS deserved to come out on top over Shalhevet. They destroyed Kushner with ease. I think the Wildcats are in Tier II now with a lot of motivation. Aaron is making the case to get some type of honorable mention for the tournament. This also has an interesting storyline going in (shoutout to Rabbi Dr. Broder!). Cougars go 0-2 in Sarachek. DRS 48 Berman 35 

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