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Reuven Kanal’s rebounding, Aaron Kraut’s scoring leads Hillel to their first ever Sarachek victory

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

In the Tier IV consolation game, Hillel and SCY High traded buckets in the first quarter, which was headlined by Reuven Kanal and Aaron Kraut both scoring six first quarter points, resulting in a 12-9 first quarter lead.

In the second quarter, SCY High employed a trap defense, which worked well, as they turned a three point deficit into a three point lead, thanks to Eyal Green’s hustle and shooting.

The third quarter was also back and forth, as Grant Lieberman helped SCY High keep their lead at three when the period expired. Kanal and Junior Benji Marcus of Hillel hauled in many rebounds during the period.

In the fourth, everything went Hillel’s way. Three-point specialist Marcus hit his only two three pointers in the fourth quarter, and Aaron Kraut drove to the basket at will, making six trips to the free throw line during the game. SCY High tried to employ more press defense, but to no avail. Despite only having six active players in the game, Hillel of Pittsburgh snapped their Sarachek losing streak and earned Third Place in Tier IV.

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