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Preview, Tier II Championship: (7) Ramaz vs (12) Ida Crown

On Monday, March 28th, the 7th seeded Ramaz Rams will face the 12th seeded Ida Crown Aces for the Tier II title. Ramaz is coming off an overtime victory over 6th seeded Frisch. They will look to rely on their best player Julius Rubinstein as they have all tournament. He led them to a Yeshiva League championship last week. Can he now bring them home a Tier II Sarachek banner? He won’t be able to do much without the help of his starting center, Caleb Rosenfeld. He has been elite on the offensive glass this season, and will look to continue dominating the painted area in this one.

Ida Crown is hoping to take home the Tier II crown against Ramaz. (Courtesy of Leehy Hyman/Macslive)

Ida Crown has been on a tear recently. Their 1-3-1 has given problems to everyone they have faced in this tournament. Joey Cohen encapsulated the grit and grind nature that this team plays with by playing the very next day after a bad shoulder injury. His toughness is a big part of their success. Yoni Arnet is a high-flying finisher for them in the open court. He has been on a tear as of late and he has a tendency to take games over and put his opponents in a deep hole quickly.

Whichever coach is able to adjust to the opponent’s gameplan better in this one, will most likely take home the title. Both of these teams are well coached and remain calm, cool and collected in heavily pressured environments. This one should be interesting.

This Tier II Championship will take place in the Max Stern Athletic Center; tip off will be at 12:30 pm. It will be broadcast by Macslive; you can watch here.

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