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Men’s Basketball: 2022-23 Roster Preview

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

It is a new era for the Yeshiva University Macs, with eleven new players joining the team. Last year’s opening night starting five— Ryan Turell, Gabe Leifer, Eitan Halpert, Ofek Reef, and Jordan Armstrong— are all no longer with the Macs. Here is a brief introduction to every player on this year’s team:

New Players:

Daniel Margusov:

Daniel Margusov comes from California and attended Notre Dame Prep for high school. Margusov is a 6’5” wing player that can shoot the ball from the outside while also possessing the ability to score out of the post. Margusov defends well and he will prove to be a versatile player for the Macs this season.

Tom Beza:

Beza comes from Israel as a freshman at YU. Beza is a guard at 6’0” and brings high level energy to the Macs. Beza can shoot the ball well and with his incredible work ethic, he will develop quickly during his time with the Macs.

Jacob Rodin:

Rodin is one of the many high IQ guys on this team. Rodin grew up in Canada and will impress Macs fans with his ability to pass the ball at a high level. He has a very bright future and he should fit into the Macs’ motion offense with ease.

Ari Shklyar:

Shklyar is from South Carolina and is another guard with a great feel for the game. Shklyar will continue to develop as the years go on and with his great passing ability, he will create plenty of open looks for his new Macs teammates in the offense.

Roy Itcovichi:

Unfortunately for the Macs, Ofek Reef took his talents to Israel to play professionally. Fortunately for the Macs, Roy Itcovichi will begin his time with the Macs. Similar to Reef, Itcovichi is an incredible athlete and tremendous defensive player. He will hurt teams in transition with his combination of size and speed. Look for Itcovichi to fill the void left by Ofek Reef, even in the hair category.

Zevi Samet:

Samet attended TABC for high school and made some noise in the Jewish world during those years. Unfortunately, his high school career was cut short due to COVID, but Samet still had enough time to show us what he could do. Samet is a high level shooter with the ability to shoot from anywhere on the court. Samet will thrive in an offense that prides itself on constant motion and sharing the ball.

Max Zakheim:

Zakheim attended Frisch for high school and then played for Division I school Bryant University. Zakheim was there for one year before he decided to transfer to YU to play out his remaining college years. Zakheim is a very quick guard, with an ability to get by his man easily and also has the ability to hit the outside shot. Zakheim will look to be a leader on this team and will bring some of his experience playing for Bryant to this young Macs team.

Michael Natkin:

Natkin was a star during his time in high school playing for Magen David and now will look to do the same for the Macs. Natkin will provide a lot of versatility to the team, especially with his ability to defend and score from the perimeter.

Joseph Sultan:

Standing at 6’8”, Sultan is one of the bigger guys on this team. Sultan went to Magen David for high school. Sultan possesses a very good skill set and has good moves inside. Combine that with his size and you have a very exciting player to watch.

Elie Igbui:

Igbui comes from LA, where he attended YULA for high school. He is another big guy on this team, which will be crucial for the Macs in many games this year. Igbul works as hard as anybody on this team and will look to punish opposing players once he gets the ball in the post.

Dothan Bardichev:

From Ein Vered, Israel, Bardichev is a 6’6” forward who can do it all. Bardichev is skilled on both sides of the court and has surprised some with his ability to pass. Bardichev will look to develop into a star over his four years with the Macs.

The returning players for the Macs will play a huge role both on and off the court this season (Photo Credits: YU Athletics)

Returning Players:

Adi Markovich:

Markovich will have a big role on this team both on and off the court. As important as his leadership on the court is, one can make the case that his leadership off the court will be more crucial in determining the success of this team. Markovich brings a level of defensive intensity that the Macs will love to see from all their players this season.

Matan Zucker:

One of the few guys returning that saw major minutes last year, Zucker will need to lead the way for the new guys. Zucker, who was named the MVP of the Skyline Championship last season, will look to continue to dominate in the paint. Zucker led the team with over two offensive rebounds per game last season and we can expect more of the same from Zucker this year.

Oren Betesh:

Betesh is one of the best, if not the best, shooters on this team. When Oren is in the game you can sense the pressure he puts on a defense, even without the ball in his hands. Oren has the ultimate green light and he will be a big factor in this team’s shooting success.

Gav Landau:

Landau is what every coach wants their player to be like. Landau lays it all on the line in every game and practice. Landau understands the system now after being on the team for a few years and he has already begun helping the younger guys adapt to the offensive scheme. Landau is an excellent shooter and prides himself on his defensive ability.

Zach Muller:

Muller is now entering his third year with the Macs. The quick guard is an exciting player to watch, with his ability to get to the basket and finish with both hands. Muller is dangerous in transition, where he can use his speed to his advantage.

Ryan Bokor:

Bokor enters his fourth year with the Macs and will look to make this his best. Bokor is a big man that can play on the wing. His ability to shoot forces the defense to extend out to him on the perimeter, which allows for cuts and drives to the basket. Bokor’s experience will be a huge factor in helping this young team learn how to play together.

Despite the roster turnaround, the expectations for the Macs remain high as they expect to compete for a Skyline Championship and an NCAA Tournament appearance.

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Gregory Bernhardt
Gregory Bernhardt
Nov 07, 2022

Thanks for the introduction! This really helps create renewed interest for the upcoming year. Best wishes for a successful season on and off the court.

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