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MDY Tops TABC and Secures Spot In Tier I Final


In an electrifying Tier I semifinal showdown between the Magen David Warriors and TABC Storm, fans were treated to a thrilling game packed with action and excitement. With both teams hungry for victory, MDYHS ultimately emerged victorious with a commanding final score of 56-44. 

Right from the tip-off, MDYHS came out swinging, led by the dynamic Mark Sardar (#22), who wasted no time putting points on the board. TABC fought back hard, with Dovid Saks (#3) leading the charge, but MDYHS's defense, spearheaded by Joshua Chabbott (#1) and Philip Sherr (#3), stayed strong, keeping their opponents at bay.

As the game heated up, so did the competition between the two teams. TABC's Eyal Kinderlehrer (#34) and Charlie Simmons (#4) made some impressive shots, but MDYHS kept their cool, with players like Chabbot and Moses Smeke (#11) up to maintain their lead.

The MDY Warriors defeated the TABC Storm 56-44, for their 24th straight win and advanced to the Tier I Sarachek finals. (Photo Credit: MacsLive)

The second quarter saw MDYHS extend their advantage, with standout performances from Jack Haber (#32) and Sardar, continuing to light up the scoreboard. Despite TABC's efforts to mount a comeback, MDYHS's defense remained rock-solid. As the second half kicked off, Magen David showed no signs of slowing down. They widened the gap with impressive displays from Sherr and Sardar. TABC’s Ayden Gurin (#43) and Yaakov Salamon (#31) fought this with great tenacity and skill, providing much-needed scoring bursts in hopes of closing that gap. 

In the final quarter, Magen David maintained their composure, with Chabbot sinking clutch baskets to keep TABC at bay. Despite a surge from TABC, with Simmons scoring a three, MDYHS's great lead and strong defense proved too much to overcome.

In the end, MDYHS’s assertive playstyle and staunch defense earned them a win over TABC and a spot in the Tier I final. While both teams displayed collective talent and unwavering determination, MDYHS proved they're a force to be reckoned with on the court. As they gear up for the championship game, one thing's for sure: MDYHS undoubtedly stands as a formidable contender.

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