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MacsLive Unveils New Logo

MacsLive is excited to announce the release of a new logo today (November 29). The revitalized logo maintains MacsLive’s tradition on a core conceptual level, while providing a sleek and clean design. Although the MacsLive logo has seen numerous refinements over the past 1 ½ decades, this marks the first font-based change since 2004.

“With all of the upgrades to MacsLive for this upcoming season, we decided that it was time for a fresh, sharp new logo,” MacsLive President David Schwartzman said. “We are really delighted with and proud of the outcome. It is the exclamation point on this new chapter of MacsLive.”

MacsLive's new primary logo

The logo features a modern font, and essentially reverts to MacsLive’s 2009-2018 color scheme, with ocean boat blue and black both serving as primary colors, and white as a secondary color. “Yeshiva and the Macs’ fanbase embraced the eye-popping black and blue road uniforms last season,” Schwartzman remarked, “and while white still plays an integral role in Yeshiva University’s brand identity, it is clear that black is here to stay.” The ‘i’ in ‘MacsLive’ is dotted with a camcorder, a nod to MacsLive’s $47,000 broadcasting equipment upgrade project, which features four new 4K cameras and lenses.

The logo was designed by Yeshiva University student Ari Solomon. "It's an honor to be able to use my skills to help the school that I love in such an important way," Solomon commented. "Sports are such an important part of the YU experience, and to be able to play a role in helping promote Yeshiva athletics and MacsLive means a lot."

MacsLive’s social media platforms and have been updated to reflect the change. The logo will make its first live appearance on MacsLive’s next broadcast.

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