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MacsLive to Host NCAA D3 Selection Show Viewing Party Special

For the first time in MacsLive history, we will be hosting a Men’s Basketball Selection Show Viewing Party Special. The Skyline Conference Champion Yeshiva University Maccabees will be joined by their fellow students, administration, faculty and staff on the floor of the Max Stern Athletic Center as they tune in to the NCAA DIII Selection Show. We will be there to capture the team and fan reactions when Yeshiva’s name is called, as well as provide must-watch interviews and analysis.

The Selection Show is set to begin at 12:30, but our live stream will start at 12:15. Much of the first half hour will be spent interviewing Macs players, coaches, and high-level administration within the University. A small portion will be dedicated to providing some background for how the selection process works, and analyzing the potential landing spots for the Macs in the first round of the tournament.

President David Schwartzman, VP Yehoshua Segal, and CCO Akiva Poppers, along with the YU players and Macs faithful, will be with you for all of the exciting action. If you can’t make it in person, be sure to tune in at 12:15! Simply head to the “Watch Live” page to view our broadcast, or click here.

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