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In First Ever Sarachek game; YMC upsets YULA to qualify for Tier II

The first quarter was a back and forth battle between YULA and YMC. Both teams played solid defense and looked to get out on the break. The score at the end of the quarter was 11-10 YULA.

Doni Carter's three-point shooting played a role in YMC's win. (Courtesy of Moishe Rechester/Macslive)

The Cyclones forced YULA into lots of turnovers in the second quarter, while pushing the break off these turnovers. This led to a 10-6 quarter in YMC favor to take the lead 20-17 going into halftime.

Doni Carter hit a pair of threes to give YMC a spark on offense, as they kept up their great defense into the third quarter, even extending their lead to 10. YULA did make a little push towards the end of the quarter with Noam Abramson having a personal 5-0 run. The score at the end of the third was 28-22 YMC in the lead.

The Panthers cut the lead to 3 for over 3 minutes, but could not capitalize. Doni Carter hit a clutch triple to extend the YMC lead back to two possessions. In the end, YULA had too many turnovers to keep up with YMC’s three point shooting, ultimately losing 40-36.

With the win, YMC will face Ida Crown on Saturday night at 11:30PM at the TABC gym, while YULA will go to the Tier III bracket and face Beren on Saturday night at 11:30PM at the TABC gym.

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