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Gameday Preview: Yeshiva @ Oneonta

After a heartbreaking 83-79 season-opening loss at Saint Joseph Connecticut, the Yeshiva University Men’s Basketball team will look to notch their first win against Oneonta Saturday night in Upstate New York.

Shifting Strategies:

In the first half on Wednesday, the Macs surprised fans by deviating from their typical motion offense, opting for more instinctual scoring and occasional set plays. While Or Sundjyvsky and Zevi Samet shone individually, the offense felt sluggish. The challenge lies in finding the right balance, re-embracing the motion offense, and diversifying scoring options to keep opponents on their toes.

The Macs will look for their first win of the season against the Oneonta Red Dragons (Phoo credit: Akiva Poppes/ Macs Live)

Filling the defensive void:

With Matan Zucker's graduation, the Macs faced a void inside defense during their first game. The absence was glaring, and Saint Joseph’s exploited it with a second-half focus on attacking the paint. It not only resulted in easy baskets but also created foul trouble, culminating in Samet's foul-out. The key to rebounding lies in identifying a new leader for the inside defense and shoring up vulnerabilities.

Overcoming Opening Jitters:

While the season opener featured 19 turnovers, it's crucial not to overreact, considering early-season challenges with chemistry and fundamentals. Last year, the Macs also started with a loss to Saint Joseph but bounced back stronger. Viewing the setback as a learning opportunity, The Macs should focus on regaining their rhythm and proving their resilience against Oneonta.

How to watch:

You can watch the game from the Chase Gymnasium here.


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