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Gameday Preview: #6 Men’s Basketball vs. Sarah Lawrence

On Thursday night, February 3, the Macs will travel out to Westchester County to face the Sarah Lawrence Gryphons for their first matchup against them in two years. In their last game, the Macs cruised past the United States Merchant Marine Academy in a 16 point dub. Capitalizing on their great energy from their 11 steals against the Academy, the Macs drew out 17 points off turnovers, which helped them achieve a record of 17-1 during the season.

The Gryphons come in with a 6-10 record as they prepare to host the Macs. Traveling on the road has been tough for Sarah Lawrence, demonstrated by their 2-4 record while away. They are led by seniors Liam Barry and Justin Bailey, who combine for a total of 30 points and 17 rebounds per game. A win against the Macs will be vital for the Gryphons to have a fighting chance this season.

The Macs have won 9 of the last 10 games against Sarah Lawrence (Photo Credits: Joe Bednarsh)

Keys to the Game:

1. Be Abusive on the Perimeter

  • The Gryphons struggle to deter coughing up the ball this year. Turning over the ball 18 times per game this season, the Gryphons have had difficulties creating opportunities for their offense. In comparison, the Macs have had 14 turnovers per game this season. For the Macs to win this game, they need to take advantage of this flaw within Sarah Lawrence’s offense. For a team that steals the ball 11 times per match, it shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish.

2. Free Throws

  • This has been an ongoing struggle for Yeshiva this season. While they don’t have too many trips to the line, Yeshiva is only banking in 66% of their free-throw attempts this season. Sarah Lawrence relies on their physical strength to help them win games, resulting in a high number of fouls, with an average of 16.6 per game. There is no doubt that Ryan Turell, Ofek Reef, and Jordan Armstrong will be going to the line frequently in this game, so practicing their free throws will be essential.

3. Hold Down the Paint

  • The Gryphons aren’t a great shooting team, but they can make up for it with the way they attack the boards. Despite their losing record, the Gryphons have managed to consistently rebound more frequently than their opponents this season. What stands out is the average of 15 offensive rebounds that they have collected each night. Keeping the Gryphons away from the boards will be critical for the Macs in this contest.

How to Watch:

Watch the game on MacsLive here.


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