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Cooper beats Hebrew Academy of Montreal to win Tier IV Championship

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Ethan Morris put on an excellent display of passing and played stellar defense in the second half. Asher Kirshtein and Simcha Osdoba provided some key scoring for Cooper. The Macs used a huge third quarter in which they outscored Montreal 17-2 to break free from the Heat.

Montreal started off strong, and Ethan Fallenbaum's nine first quarter points helped the Heat build a 19-13 lead at the end of the first. Yoni Drazin's aggressive play kept the Heat in the lead until the very end of the first half. Cooper took a 30-28 advantage into the break.

An all-around team effort of Morris, Kirshtein, Osdoba, and Orgel propelled the team to a huge second half. Kirshtein finished with 15 points, Osdoba added 16 and Ethan Morris had 11 points to go with a bunch of assists. For the Heat, Drazin led the offense with 15 points and Fallenbaum finished with 12 of his own.

Congratulations to the Cooper Macs on winning the Tier IV championship.

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