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Bar Alluf To Return For 2019-20 Season

Updated: Nov 24, 2019

Bar is back.

In a late-breaking development, senior guard Bar Alluf has been approved to play this season by the NCAA. This news comes as a wonderful surprise, as the Macs bring in another playmaker to their already stacked roster.

Bar, who hails from Kfar Saba, Israel, came to YU in 2016, his freshman year. However, he is much more well-known for his performance in the 2017-18 season. He started 28 out of 29 games that year, averaging nearly 36 minutes/game. His shooting stat-line from that season was incredible: 17.9 points per game, 49.7% from the field, 41.5% from 3. As a result, he was awarded with a spot on the Skyline All-Conference First Team. The one game he didn’t play in was against York in the NCAA Tournament, due to allegations regarding his eligibility; the end result was that he sat out last year, but has been allowed to participate this season.

Due to the process involved in the NCAA’s decision, Bar was not allowed to practice with the team until last night. As a result, he will need some time to get into his form of two years ago. The expectation is that, in a few weeks, he will be ready to go.

How does this impact the Macs?

Once Bar hits the court again, he should slot into a starter role. It appears that Coach Elliot Steinmetz’s mentality is that, because he did not do anything to lose his starting job, it would be unfair to take it away from him. In addition, Bar looks like he is in good shape; this is not a concern. However, do not expect Bar to get anywhere near to 36 minutes/game this season. The depth of this Macs team will probably result in his playing 20-25 minutes/game. This will lead to other guards getting a few fewer minutes per game, which will also allow them to play 100% on every possession. The Macs bench will be stuffed with talented, fresh legs this season.

However, the impact of his return is far more widespread. “Obviously the addition of a First Team All-Conference player to our roster helps us, but even more so is the leadership and understanding of the system that he brings with him,” said Coach Steinmetz. Bar will be able to work alongside the rest of the Macs’ guards, therefore helping the team improve even when not on the court. His experience should be crucial in big games down the stretch.

There is no doubt that, in his last season, Bar will be playing with an intense level of determination. The words of last year’s Skyline MVP, Gabe Leifer, ought to strike fear into the hearts of opponents. “As much as it’s amazing for the team and he’ll be a huge part of our success this year, you’ve just got to be happy for the guy. There’s unfinished business to take care of.”

Unfinished business, indeed.

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