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(19) Maimonides Advances to Tier III Semifinals in Blowout Win vs. (22) SCY High

Maimonides took control of Saturday evening’s game from the outset. SCY High played hard until the end, but could not manage to mount a comeback. Maimonides scoring, along with its defense, was on fire throughout the game and SCY High was simply unable to overcome that, allowing the M-Cats to easily cruise to a win. The final score was 66-39.

Shabtai Kaplan's five assists and two blocks contributed to Maimo's big win Saturday night. (Courtesy of Leehy Hyman/Macslive)

Maimonides began the game with some early baskets. The Hawks were landing shots as well, but simply could not keep up with the ease at which the M-Cats’ offense was operating. Maimonides exited the quarter up by six points over SCY High.

After going up 18-7 in the first quarter, Maimonides scored 17 additional points in the second quarter and held the Hawks to 15 points. This quarter was the Hawks’ best, but even so was not able to bring the Hawks close enough to the M-Cats to sniff a lead.

The M-Cats opened the second half with a 19-point third quarter. They also held the Hawks to only three points. At this point, the game could be called. Barring something crazy, there was no coming back from the hole the Hawks were in.

Maimonides won the game by a 27 point margin. The M-Cats offense was powered by Eitan Bessler, Shabtai Kaplan, Nathan Weinstock, and Josh Saks who all drained five two pointers each. Furthermore, Bessler had four rebounds, four assists, and five steals, and Kaplan had five assists, four steals, and two blocks. This game proved that even though Maimonides could not make it in the higher tiers, they are still a force to be reckoned with come their next matchup.

Up next, Maimonides will play (15) MTA in the Tier III semifinals on Sunday in the Max Stern Athletic Center at 1 PM. As for SCY High, they will play a Tier III consolation game again (23) HA Montreal on Sunday at 10 PM in the Max Stern Athletic Center.

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