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Always wanted to fill out a Sarachek Bracket? Well now you can! Introducing the 2019 Sarachek Bracket Challenge.

Simply download the excel file below (make sure to enable macros) and follow the instructions listed at the top of the document (make sure you are on the "Pick Matchups" sheet and that you follow all instructions precisely). After scrolling through the sheet and picking all the games, you can view your filled out bracket in the "Your Bracket" sheet.

After filling out your bracket, send the file to (entitle the subject "Sarachek Bracket"). Every day, after that day's games are played, we will post a leaderboard with the top entries to the macslive website. This is your chance to gain ultimate bragging rights and attain fame!


All entries must be received by Thursday, March 14th, at 10 AM, to count.


Created and administered by Akiva Poppers

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