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Gameday Preview: Yeshiva vs Manhattanville

At 8 PM tonight, the Yeshiva University Maccabees (12-7, 9-1) will host the Manhattanville Valiants (15-5, 7-3) in the Max Stern Athletic Center. The Maccabees fell to the Valiants earlier this season in a tough road game, 64-67. The Macs are still seeking revenge from last year's semifinal game, and they hope they can defeat the Valiants at home. The Valiants have been on fire recently, victorious in their past five games and holding opponents to just 55 points a game during this stretch. Leading the charge for the Valiants during this streak has been guard Andrew Saint-Louis, who has been putting up 19 points a game while shooting 52% from the field. Tonight will be the anticipated home debut of 6’7” freshman Yoav Oselka, who provides a much-needed body in the paint for Yeshiva. The Macs will need to be at their best tonight to secure an essential Skyline victory. 

The Macs will look for revenge against Manhattanville on Tuesday in a key Skyline Conference meeting. (Photo Credit: Akiva Poppers/MacsLive)

Defensive Transitions: 

The Valiants’ offense is designed to play fast and catch their opponents off guard. The Macs will need to always be running back on defense and be aware of where everyone is on the court. As the Valiants mainly run a dribble-drive offense, the Macs will have to be able to guard the drive while ensuring that the kick-out is not open.  

Offensive Movement: 

Last time these teams met, Manhattanville played zone, but the Valiants are primarily a man-to-man team. Regardless of which defense Yeshiva sees, the Macs will need to attack the rim. Against a man, screens will be crucial in allowing men to get open and causing confusion on man assignments, while ball movement will be crucial against a zone. Being patient is key and will allow the Macs to have open looks and carve up the Valiants’ tough defense. 


How to Watch: 

Tip-off is scheduled for 8 PM at the Max Stern Athletic Center or you can watch the game live here


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