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"A Little Bit Of English" is a blog written and run by Yeshiva University students. We aim to make this blog the best source for in-depth analysis of the tournament and allow readers to follow the tournament on a whole new level.

"A Little Bit Of English" is a forum for open discussion about the happenings of The Red Sarachek Tournament. Ideas expressed herein are not the official opinion of Macslive or Yeshiva University.

The Other Side Of The Broadcast
Ari Roth
Published on: March 7th, 2012

Allow me to introduce myself.  

My name is Ari Roth.  For the past 4 years, I was one of the leading announcers for Sarachek.  Unfortunately, last year was my broadcasting finale after I graduated from YU, got married, and moved to Israel last summer.  This year, I will be running "A Little Bit of English", the official Sarachek blog.  It's safe to say that this year is going to be a little bit different.

For all of us, the big news this year is the addition of video to our coverage of the tournament.  We know that all of the hardcore fans of Jewish high school basketball, like myself, would come down to the Max Stern Athletic Center if we could, but life intervenes.  But now, we really can be there and see for ourselves the spectacle that is the Sarachek tournament.  We'll see the player and fan reactions to big moments and even get to go inside the booth occasionally for a closer look at the MacsLive operation.

Personally, I get to experience Sarachek from the perspective of the listener.  I get to stay glued to my computer for 5 days, clinging to any news I can get from my favorite event of the year.  I will also be able to fully appreciate the efforts of my amazing former colleagues, at least 13 of whom need to take time out of their busy class or work schedules to make each hour and a half game the amazing production we have all come to expect.

Ultimately, my goal with this blog is to bridge the gap between announcers and listeners.  I hope to take my observations from your side of the broadcast and bring them to the production team in order to improve our services going forward, while simultaneously giving you a glimpse into what goes into each broadcast.

I also would love to hear from each and every one of you, in case you noticed something that I didn't.  If you're watching and have an idea for something we can do better or differently, let me know.  If you have an idea for a good post, I'm all ears.  If you want to write something for the blog, contact me to see if we can make something happen.  You can reach me through the comments section below, or by emailing me at

For now, the countdown to the 21st annual Red Sarachek tournament is at 15 days.  I certainly speak for all the listeners (and now viewers) when I say that we can hardly wait!

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